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Advantages in living in a multi racial society

Roman empire sends black legionnaires to Hadrian's Wall 410-800: Slave trade abolished banned trading, not slavery 1833: Slavery abolished across the British Empire. Race riots in various UK cities. In 1948 the Empire Windrush was the first immigration ship from the West Indies to arrive. Viv Anderson became the first black footballer on the England football team.

Race riots in Brixton, Liverpool and areas of the Midlands. Race Relations Act amended to specify public bodies must foster good race relations. Equality Act Britain has always been a multi-ethnic society.

  • It is usually very pleasant to live in such type of societies if people know how to live together, on the contrary this can become hellish as well A multi-racial society is a society, which is very rich in cultural heritage;
  • This demonstrates that all people are made equal;
  • When considering the African American and Filipino race you have to have to disregard appearances, because both races have people with different skin tones, hair textures, nose shapes and physical features;
  • They are alienated from both cultures;
  • I have reconnected with family in the Philippines and am working to build relationships with them.

The Romans invaded the Celts and when the Roman left various Germanic tribes moved in. These included the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes. These tribes are referred to collectively as the Anglo Saxons. Then in 1066 the Normans from France invaded the Anglo-Saxons.

Thus Britain has always had a mixed heritage. The majority of these settlers would have been white although there is evidence to suggest that a black contingent of the Roman army guarded a section of Hadrian's Wall.

During the slave trade increasing numbers of non-white people were brought to Britain and slavery was legal until 1772 and during the 1770s an estimated 14,000 black people were living in UK as a result of the slave trade.

Racial harmony:

A minority of former servants and slaves did succeed in moving up the ranks of society. During the world wars of the twentieth century people from throughout the Commonwealth came to Europe first to fight for Britain.

After the wars many people from Commonwealth countries began to settle in England, the place they had been taught to think of as 'the mother country' to fill post-war labour shortages. During the latter half of the twentieth century immigration has continued.

In some areas this had led to increased hostility and subsequently various legislation intended to prevent racial discrimination has been introduced.

See below for details. Britain is becoming increasingly multi-ethnic although not all areas of Britain are equally diverse.

  • Examples of racial harmony;
  • There are presumptions that cultural differences can divide a society as there will always be prejudice and discrimination;
  • In precise, as according to latest statistics by the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the Malay and minor Bumiputera sons of the soil ethnic groups makes up 67;
  • A Cultural alienist is one who chose to fully adopt American values and behavior norms as their own.

London and Leicester are two of the most ethnically and cultural diverse parts of the country whilst rural areas tend to be less diverse especially those in Devon and Cornwall, parts of Wales and parts of the north like the Lake District. This meant that racist discrimination was still permitted. For example, private landlords could refuse to allow a black person to rent from them.

It was amended in 1968 when discrimination in areas like employment was banned.

  • A multi-racial society is a society where we have people of different races, ethnics living together;
  • This section contains 663 words approx;
  • I think my question of where I fit in had to do more with race than ethnicity.

Alongside the 1976 legislation came the creation of the Commission for Racial Equality to help ensure that the law was implemented properly. Under the act all discrimination on the grounds or race, nationality, ethnicity is forbidden as is discrimination on the basis of gender, disability, religion or orientation.

People should have equal access to goods and services and employers have a duty to ensure that their employees are not subject to any discriminatory behaviour by third parties.

To read more about the impact of legislation on racism in the UK click here. There are many advantages to living in a multi-cultural society. A multi-ethnic society is an exciting and diverse place to live. The arrival of other ethic groups in Britain has brought different foods curry for example! More diversity results in more choice.

The Huffington Post listed cultural iconssporting icons and businesses that the UK would not have had without immigration. Growing up alongside people of other races and ethnic groups should remove ignorance and by doing so reduces instances of prejudice and intolerance.

People who grow up in a multi-ethnic society are more likely to see others as equals and identify better with them. Many people would agree ideologically with the idea that all people are equal and should be afforded equal rights and equal opportunities. A fully multi-ethnic society is a way of putting those values into action.

The 2010 US census material has been plotted into an interactive map which shows the racial background of individuals throughout America. If you zoom in on the cities you can see examples of racial segregation within society. Access the map here. However, multi-ethnic societies also have some issues that perhaps would be less likely in a more homogeneous society.

In Britain impoverished inner city areas are more likely to be inhabited by ethnic minorities whilst desirable villages usually have a largely white population.

This can cause hostility and resentment. There have been examples of race riots and violence between gangs of different ethnic origin. The figure is much higher in some inner city areas.

Multi-racial Society

This might make it more difficult for teachers to the class effectively and pupils who speak English as a foreign language tend to under perform in primary school tests. Poor English can be a barrier to integration, make getting a job more difficult and make segregation more likely. Groups like the BNP British National Party are concerned that the multi-ethnic society will undermine Britain's national heritage and that Britain will lose its traditional identity.

He believed that the 'native' Englishmen would feel 'strangers in their own country. His speech caused huge controversy at the time but whilst many were hostile to it there were a significant number of others who agreed with him. The text of the full speech can be found here. Overcoming prejudice and discrimination: Way of overcoming prejudice and discrimination might include: Prejudice literally 'pre-judging' is often based on ignorance.

Education removes the ignorance and thus removes the prejudice. This relates to the previous point. The best way to remove stereotypes is through advantages in living in a multi racial society experience of people from different cultures and different ethnic groups. People in the public eye sports stars, music stars, actors, politicians etc can counteract negative stereotypes and prejudices.

Encouraging people to meet with and share experiences with people of different backgrounds can help form friendships, people would gain a better understanding of traditions and customs and would as a result be less prejudiced and less likely to discriminate. Discrimination can be made illegal and those who behave in a prejudiced or discriminatory way can be punished. However, this does not necessarily help change attitudes! Which of these methods do you think would be most likely to be effective?

Can you think of anything else that might work better? Make sure you know what the UK law says about prejudice and discrimination.

Diversity Essay | Essay

Examples of racial harmony: The 2013 Olympics were hailed as an example of the multi-ethic society working well. According to a report in the Guardian roughly a third of British medals were won by athletes descended from recent immigrants to the UK.

The Olympics provided UK people with a common aim and a shared sense of achievement. This then helped give people a feeling of togetherness, happiness and national pride. The city of Leicester once had a reputation for very poor race relations but is now celebrated as having some of the most harmonious relationships in Britain BBC report.

  1. Relating to the Filipino culture is very easy for me, since I was raised by my mom and stepfather who are Filipinos.
  2. This demonstrates that all people are made equal.
  3. Growing up alongside people of other races and ethnic groups should remove ignorance and by doing so reduces instances of prejudice and intolerance.
  4. This appears to be untrue for Malaysia. Significantly, this country is home to the obvious dominant majority of Malay Muslims, Chinese Malaysians, Indian Malaysians living amongst minor indigenous others.

This turn around took place during the last thirty years. Things that contributed to current racial harmony include a clear message from the local council that racism would not be tolerated. He wanted to achieve racial harmony by using peaceful methods to obtain black rights. By doing so he hoped to overcome racial stereotypes. His 'I have dream' speech set out his goal of racial harmony in which 'little black boys and little black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers'.

Countries like Canada and Singapore as well as cities like New York could also be used as examples of successful multi-cultural societies with generally good race relations. What has Canada done which has helped make it a successful multi-cultural society? Do you think Britain has done enough to encourage integration between different ethnic groups?

  1. Slave trade abolished banned trading, not slavery 1833.
  2. Alongside the 1976 legislation came the creation of the Commission for Racial Equality to help ensure that the law was implemented properly. To me being a cultural dualist means having a strong sense of both cultures.
  3. Voices and Images of 1. I grew up in Paradise Hills which has a large Filipino Community.
  4. The Huffington Post listed cultural icons , sporting icons and businesses that the UK would not have had without immigration.

This demonstrates that all people are made equal. Later in the book of Genesis the Great Flood supposedly killed all the people except Noah and his family so that all the current nations of the earth descend from Noah's three sons, Ham, Shem and Japeth. To this extent, all people have an equal claim to come from God. They promised to keep his laws and circumcise themselves and in return he would be their God and keep them safe.

The story of the Hebrews and their relationship with God includes examples in which God helps them to conquer neighbouring peoples and seize their lands. The Hebrews were supposed to have descended from Noah's son Shem whilst the people they conquer descend from Ham. The foreigner must be treated as one of your own.

Love him as you love yourself, because you were once foreigners in the land of Egypt. In the New Testament Gospels Jesus' words and actions imply that all people should be treated equally. He himself healed the Roman centurion's servant, discussed theology with a Samaritan woman and told the parable of the Good Samaritan. See notes on selfishness, greed, ignorance and sin for Good Samaritan story.

The New Testament also contains epistles letters written by Paul and by other early Christians. A very similar statement is found in Colossians 3: There are also more general statements which could be used to oppose racism. Racism is a clear example of judging by appearances and therefore goes against this teaching.

Christians are told to show agape love. Some Christians were involved in the slave trade although others like William Wilberforce fought against it. Many Christian missionaries had patronising attitudes towards the peoples they were trying to convert.