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Success the reward for triumphing over adversaries obstacles and barriers in life

Dream Dictionary - A Abacus Dream of this ancient calculator, and it's a portent of financial improvement through careful attention to details and meticulous work. If you see it as a child's toy in your dream, it foretells success in a pending business deal. Abandonment Being abandoned is a contradictory dream. It means that you will reconcile with a lover, or quickly recover from trouble. Abandoning someone close means trouble is coming towards you, but by heeding the warning of the dream you can avoid it.

Abandoning something bad means that good financial news is coming your way. If you witness an abandonment in a dream, it means that important news is on the way. Abduction Being abducted in a dream means you will triumph against any odds or obstacles, whether business or social. If someone else is abducted in your dream, it means unexpected news is coming your way. Abdomen Another contradictory dream if dreaming of pain in this area will indicate success due to strong health and vigor.

Dreaming your Abdomen is being exposed, is a bad sign however, and is a warning of unfaithfulness or treachery and may come from someone you trust and hold dear.


Abhorrence When you find something extremely distasteful in your dreams, it is a warning of danger or difficult times. These are usually of an unforeseen nature; but, if the feeling was not very strong and you were simply, slightly annoyed by this feeling present in your dream, then you will overcome your difficulties.

Abnormal If you dream of fantastic things, like a cat with horns, it means that a sound and happy solution to your problems is on its way. Abortion If you are a woman and you dream of an abortion, it means your health could be in trouble.

If you are a man and you dream of abortion, it means a failure in either love or finances. In general, dreaming of an abortion indicates you will not succeed in the project which most occupies your mind at the time of the dream, whether it concerns love or money. Abroad Dreams of being in foreign lands means that your current situation is unsettled, and may mean a possible move for you.

If you dream of sailing a ship abroad, it means you may soon meet a new and very influential friend. Absolution Dreaming of forgiveness from a friend or absolution from a priest indicates you can look forward to a long period of peace of mind. Abundance Desire for independence.

Abyss An abyss in a dream is considered an obstacle. If you don't fall into the abyss in your dream, you will overcome any current problems. However, if you slip into the abyss, you should be very careful in your business dealings, for there is danger waiting for you. Accelerator A properly functioning accelerator, gas pedal, or throttle on a motor vehicle indicates you will achieve your goals by your own efforts.

  1. If you dream of table utensils, bowls, containers, etc. Traditional interpretations say that if you are kissing strangers you may have a need to experience a conquest.
  2. Game Some "game" dreams may represent the challenges in your life, your competitive nature, or your childishness. If you are being treated like a dog, you are most likely being abused in some way.
  3. Drowning This is a very common dream that usually invokes a great amount of fear.
  4. Seeing an idle friend may denote that this friend is in trouble, or about to get into trouble.

Accident Something unplanned is coming your way. Accosting Being accosted in a dream by a man means that someone you consider a friend is being untrue to you, and is likely trying to frame you or deceive you in some way.

However, if you are accosted by a woman, a beggar, or someone you know then money is on its way to you, likely in the form of a legacy or business profit.

  1. Bird Birds signify transcendence from one state of being to another; spiritual growth.
  2. From a more modern point of view, frogs may be considered symbols of the unconscious, as they live in the water.
  3. Drowning This is a very common dream that usually invokes a great amount of fear. To dream you are attending college shows that your desire for education will set you apart from the rest, and denotes that you will have a successful life.
  4. Almonds Eating and thoroughly enjoying fresh almonds in a dream means financial gain; however, if the almonds taste bitter then your gain will be accompanied by a short time of sorrow.
  5. If the birth is in relation to animals this shows that any enemies working against your best interests will be defeated, and if the birth is multiple then you will gain a larger monetary reward for your labors. But if the bear attacks you in your dream, it means that someone is out to harm you.

Accounts There is nothing contradictory when dreaming of accounts money. Adding up accounts means don't lend money. However, if you accounts balance it means a profitable proposition will soon be coming your way.

If you are tasked to work out your employer's accounts, it is a warning to beware your enemies. Acquaintance If you meet a new acquaintance or renew an old one in a dream, it means that you will find something you thought lost. However, if you quarrel with an acquaintance in a dream, it means you should seek advice on a minor health ailment.

Actor A desire for recognition. Address Writing a personal address in a dream means you should not gamble. Hearing or talking about an address in a dream is a warning to be more discreet about your personal affairs. Adoption If you adopt someone in a dream, it means that relatives will soon ask for your help. If you're adopted in a dream, it means that enemies may soon raise their hands against you.

If you adopt children in a dream it means that you will have difficulties in your love life. Adultery Committing adultery in a dream it's a warning to keep your secrets to yourself.

Dream Interpretation and Analysis

If you resist committing adultery, it means any setbacks in your life will be shortlived. If you dream of your wife committing adultery, it means you'll soon have trouble with your neighbors; your husband, and you could soon be receiving an inheritance.

In general, dreaming of adultery in any form is a prediction of problems in your love life. Adventure Dreaming of being on an adventure means that you are soon going to be facing big changes in your life.

Affluence Dreaming of affluence means that you will soon see your situation improved. The larger the affluence in the dream, the more short lived your financial problems. Airplane In your dream, a departing airplane means success; a landing aircraft warns of jealousy among your friends.

If you're piloting the plane, you're about to attain an achievement. However, if you are simply flying in the plane, it means that your life will soon be filled with numerous ups and downs. An airline crash means a business failure. Surviving a plane crash means financial gains; seeing yourself killed in a crash is warning to control your passions.

Almonds Eating and thoroughly enjoying fresh almonds in a dream means financial gain; however, if the almonds taste bitter then your gain will be accompanied by a short time of sorrow. To see a healthy almond tree foretells much happiness and wedded bliss; a blighted almond tree means just the opposite.

Alphabet To dream of letters in the alphabet means that an absent friend will soon return. If you are writing the alphabet, unexpected good news is on its way.

If you're writing the alphabet in a foreign language, you will soon solve a mystery. Ambition This is a contradictory dream. If you dream of achieving it, you will face setbacks in your life. If you do not achieve your goals in your dream, you will achieve them in your waking life.

Ambulance This is a general warning against indiscretion with the opposite sex. More specifically, an empty ambulance means you will soon lose a friend. If you call for an ambulance for yourself in a dream, it means you will recover from an illness. Call for ambulance for a relative, however, and you could soon have money troubles. Amusement The greater the fun, the greater the satisfaction in your life. Anarchy Dreaming of anarchy is a warning to be very cautious in any business dealings.

Being an anarchist could symbolize a loss of freedom for you in some way. Anchor Dreaming of an anchor is an indicator of the need for stability. Sometimes, a desire for a permanent home; to put down roots. Animals In general, dreaming of either petting or feeing an animal means that good fortune is ahead of you.

Cast an animal aside, push him away, or harm him and it means that you could be heading for relationship problems. Specific animal meanings include: Don't take financial risks. Sudden improvement in your financial situation. If apes are in a cage, you will soon face opposition in your love life.

Also, a warning to take your work more seriously.

  • Depending on your belief system, the doctor in your dream could also represent you higher self or inner guidance;
  • Ambition This is a contradictory dream;
  • It could also presage a loss caused by flood, fire, or theft;
  • Should the fairy be sad, this denotes a loss of love or money, or both.

You could soon meet someone you will marry. If you're already married, it means a rise in social status and good fortune in business dealings. If the bats are flying it is a symbol of reassurance and calm. If you see bats at night, however, problems are coming towards you. If you're brushed by a flying bat, it means that any bad luck will quickly pass. But if the bear attacks you in your dream, it means that someone is out to harm you.

Tells you that you're facing hard competition in your life. See a white bull in your dream, however, and it means you're coming into a very lucky streak. If you're chased by a bull, it means you'll soon receive a gift. Cats are generally seen as bad luck in a dream. If a woman dreams of a kitten, however, it means she'll soon have a pleasant flirtation.

If a man dreams of a kitten, however, it means disappointment in love. Friendly dogs mean good times mean ones mean bad times. A powerful person will push you toward success and you'll achieve much money. Your health is good. Can also signify you'll soon meet someone who will influence your career to the good.

Riding a horse symbolizes happiness and independence. In general, horses symbolize good luck, unless it's black. A black horse symbolizes grief. Lions in a dream symbolize social success.

If a lion roars in your dream, there'll be jealousy. A lion cub signifies new friends. Symbolize lies and deceit.