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Why you might not want to keep an online journal

Let them instead be an inspiration—none of them had any idea that people would care to read their private thoughts all these years later.

The 10 Best Journaling Apps for 2018

Here are a few common reasons for not keeping a journal…and how to overcome them: If you want to write an exciting story, write a novel. And even if your life is so boring that it pains you to write about it, remember that narrating your day to day experiences is just one form of journaling. What if someone reads my journal?

This concern usually takes two forms: Keep it in a locked drawer. Or just ditch paper entirely and journal in a secure text file on your computer. I doubt that anything you write is so horrible or depraved that it would make posterity hate you. Yeah, it can feel weird.

Write about what you did today. Write a meta-entry about how journaling feels weird. Only angsty pre-teens keep journals. Put aside all your preconceptions about what it means to keep a journal. Approach it as if for the first time. I regret the gaps. I feel as though I were still master of the days I have recorded, even though they are past, whereas those not mentioned in the pages are as though they had never been.

  • Here are five reasons why you should keep a journal;
  • Heck, you can even rate your journal entries perhaps most useful as a way to track how happy you are each day;
  • Journal while you have your favorite food or beverage;
  • Heck, you can even rate your journal entries perhaps most useful as a way to track how happy you are each day;
  • Just give it a try;
  • Just in case the app stops being developed or you want to move to a different journaling platform, you'll want to be able to export your entries in a format other programs can read, such as PDF or RTF.

If you want journaling to become a part of your daily routine, you need to make it a habit. Commit to journaling every day. Put it on your calendar. Put it on your to-do list. Write it on the back of your hand. Post about it on Facebook.

Find an accountability partner. Whatever you do, just make the commitment. Journal the same time every day. Personally, I journal right before I go to bed. It helps me clear my mind before going to sleep. But if you prefer to journal first thing in the morning or after lunch or at the stroke of midnight, go for it.

Keeping a consistent time is what matters, and bonus points if you can tie it to a preexisting daily habit.

Get a beautiful journal with a quality writing implement. Get a crazy journal. Journal while you have your favorite food or beverage. They can be a few sentences or a few pages. All that matters is writing each day. Sometimes I write about my hopes and dreams. Other times I write about what I had for lunch. I commit to the process above all else.

Five reasons why you should keep a journal

A few things you might consider adding to make journaling more enjoyable. A particular philosophy of journaling that involves writing three longhand pages each morning. Personally, I say that the best method is the one that works for you.

  1. If you're on the Pro plan, Penzu can also safeguard your entries with military strength encryption, send multiple reminders, and customize each journal with distinct covers, backgrounds, and fonts. Heck, you can even rate your journal entries perhaps most useful as a way to track how happy you are each day.
  2. Also, Glimpses doesn't have built-in reminders, but for a completely free, modern journaling app that works with Windows 7 and above, we're not complaining.
  3. Write about what you did today.
  4. Journal while you have your favorite food or beverage.
  5. You give yourself permission to write yourself into history — consider how many women are left out of the history books? Every day, Grid Diary presents you with 8 question prompts, such as "How much money did I spend today?

Conclusion If you let it, journaling can be the first step to heightened levels of self-awareness, empathy, and self-reflection. It could even be the first step to blogging or longer forms of writing. Like so much that is good for you, it has to be experienced to be believed. Just give it a try. If you need some support or advice, hop on over to the CIG Community and discuss it.

Why You Should Keep a Journal in College (and Beyond)

So what do you think? Still on the fence about journaling? Inspired to start one? Share your perspectives on journaling in the comments below. When he's not enjoying long hikes through the Appalachian wilderness, he's stroking his lush beard and pondering what book to read next.

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  • Put it on your calendar;
  • You can add a photo for each entry and export to PDF, but other than that, this lean app is as simple as it gets.