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Teenage pregnancy a major concern in todays society

Society does not really embrace a pregnant teenager with open arms. A teenager gets pregnant is more often due to wrong choices.

Understand How Society and Teenage Pregnancy Affect Each Other

Teenage pregnancy leads to a social exclusion. Pregnant teens often have to drop out of school or college. This is why in large parts of the world, the society shuns it, making it disturbing for the teenage mother to be.

There are many reasons for the society to sideline what they believe to be a predicament. First, the reason for which a teenager gets pregnant is more often due to wrong choices.

Second, teenage pregnancy means a full stop to everything else in life, leading to a social exclusion.

  1. An important issue, one which has not received much research attention is that of identifying factors associated with whether or not a young woman who has had an early birth and has dropped out of school returns to complete her schooling.
  2. Research evidence suggests that at least during the first decade after a birth, early childbearers who have dropped out do not return to school at a higher rate than those also out of school but who have not had a first birth Moore et al.
  3. Some discover that during a teen pregnancy, their parents speak out against the pregnancy and look not to continue it, and some may even kick you out of the house.

The factors due to which a teenager gets pregnant can be listed as the following. Sexual Abuse Socio-economic factors Childhood environment It is also disturbing to know that even when most of these factors befall upon the teenagers, the society does not waste time to criticise and blame the girl.

Teen Pregnancy Issues and Challenges

Now, let us analyse certain effects that teenage pregnancy has on society. Illiteracy โ€” Teenagers who get pregnant at an early age often have to drop out of school or college.

This puts a break to their education. Society at large gets harmed because at this rate the literacy rate drops.

Financial support โ€” A teenager who delivers a baby has to provide for its food, clothing and baby care products. Financially, they need to be sound and so they begin job hunting; some may also end up on the streets, commit to prostitution and other such vices.

Poverty โ€” Given the fact that a teenager is under educated and is a mother, there are chances that she may not land up a good job. Biological fathers in most such cases have the least role to play.

Poverty thereby, creeps in very swiftly. It is very important to understand that the structure of human life is age related.

This is a very important adage and should not be thought to be a boring wise talk. Read more articles on Teenage Pregnancy.