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The united states spends too much money on military programs

The most readily available critique of large military budgets is that they squander money from potentially more important federal programs.

Which countries spend the most on their military?

The chart shows U. While simplistic, the guns or butter model demonstrates that there are tradeoffs in discretionary spending.

Should the United States spend more protecting its civilians or providing for them? Americans are roughly split over whether the country spends too much, too little, or just enough on defense.

This curve shows the trade-off between gun production and butter production.

Wiki Commons The size of the U. However, a large military budget leads to many other externalities, such as tax hikes, large deficits, inflation, and, most notably, cuts to social welfare.

What does the federal government spend your tax dollars on? Social insurance programs, mostly

China continues to build its navy and invest in its military. However, these changes do not give the new administration carte blanche to neglect the equally, if not more vital, needs of constituents.

How Does the United States Military Budget Affect the Economy?

The Department of Defense must decide which regions truly demand a more forward force structure, and from which the United States can afford to relax its grip. In many cases, the United States can achieve the same goals without forward military presence through diplomacy — often with far less collateral damage.

For example, should the United States does not work to incorporate China into the existing international order, it will have to invest more heavily in hard power approaches for preventing geopolitical crisis in the first island chain. These pie charts show the percentage breakdowns of the FY 2018 budget request.

Why keep it so high?

Department of Defense Credit: Department of Defense The United States has traditionally been at the forefront of military research and development. To maintain this status, the Department of Defense DoD relies heavily on contractors. Of the top ten defense contractors, eight are located in U. These two facets are not inseparable, and in fact the latter presents a boon for lowering the economic burden of the former.

It takes far less time to train soldiers than to, say, build and commission aircraft carrier or design and deploy an entirely new system.

  • The only wars that can still be 'profitable' are small scale, neo-colonialist, imperialist adventures, which are utterly unnecessary now that the U;
  • And why are we afraid to attack North Korea?
  • These pie charts show the percentage breakdowns of the FY 2018 budget request.

Policymakers of both parties should duly note these effects to butter before weighing in on guns.