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What type of recruitment activities do you think are the most effective

In 2007, Sodexo, which provides services such as food service and facilities management, started using social media to help spread the word about their company culture. The goal of using social media as a recruiting tool is to create a buzz about your organization, share stories of successful employees, and tout an interesting culture.

Even smaller companies can utilize this technology by posting job openings as their status updates. This technique is relatively inexpensive, but there are some things to consider. For example, tweeting about a job opening might spark interest in some candidates, but the trick is to show your personality as an employer early on.

Debbie Fisher, an HR manager for a large advertising agency, Campbell Mithun, says that while tweeting may be a good way to recruit people who can be open about their job hunt, using tools such as LinkedIn might be a better way to obtain more seasoned candidates who cannot be open about their search for a new job, because of their current employment situation.

Creativity with a social media campaign also counts. Campbell Mithun hired thirteen interns over the summer using a unique twist on social media. They asked interested candidates to submit thirteen tweets over thirteen days and chose the interns based on their creativity. Many organizations, including Zappos Video 4. Facebook allows free job postings in Facebook Marketplace, and the company Facebook page can also be used as a recruiting tool.

Facebook ad technology allows specific regions and Facebook keywords to be targeted Black, 2011. Some individuals even use their personal Facebook page to post status updates listing job opportunities and asking people to respond privately if they are interested. Events Many organizations, such as Microsoft, hold events annually to allow people to network and learn about new technologies.

What Is the Most Effective Means of Recruiting Employees for an Organization?

Some organizations, such as Choice Career Fairs, host job fairs all over the country; participating in this type of job fair may be an excellent way to meet a large variety of candidates. Other events may not be specifically for recruiting, but attending these events may allow you to meet people who could possibly fill a position or future position.

For example, in the world of fashion, Fashion Group International FGI hosts events internationally on a weekly basis, which may allow the opportunity to meet qualified candidates. Often SIGs will have areas for job posting, or a variety of discussion boards where jobs can be posted. For example, the Women in Project Management SIG provides news on project management and also has a place for job advertisements. Other examples of SIGs might include the following: E-mailing a job opening to current employees and offering incentives to refer a friend can be a quick way of recruiting individuals.

Due to the success of most formalized referral programs, it is suggested that a program be part of the overall HRM strategic plan and recruitment strategy. However, be wary of using referrals as the only method for recruitment, as this can lead to lack of diversity in a workplace. Nepotism means a preference for hiring relatives of current employees, which can also lead to lack of diversity and management issues in the workplace.

Usually, most incentives require the new employee to be hired and stay a specified period of time. Some examples of incentives that can be used to refer a friend might include the following: A gift card to the employee A financial incentive Raffles for most referrals These types of programs are called employee referral programs ERPs and tend to generate one of the highest returns on investment per hire Lefkow, 2002.

To make an ERP program effective, some key components should be put into place: Communicate the program to existing employees. Track the success of the program using metrics of successful hires.

Be aware of the administrative aspect and the time it takes to implement the program effectively. Set measureable goals up front for a specialized program. Its program has increased new hires from referrals from 14 percent to 32 what type of recruitment activities do you think are the most effective, and employee awareness of the program jumped from just 20 percent to 99 percent Sullivan, 2009.

The uniqueness of their program lies with the reward the employee receives. Their program also seeks to decrease casual referrals, so the employee is asked to fill out an online form to explain the skills of the individual they are referring.

The company has also developed a website where current employees can go to track the progress of referrals. In addition, employee referral applications are flagged online and fast-tracked through the process—in fact, every referral is acted upon.

As you can see, Accenture has made their ERP a success through the use of strategic planning in the recruitment process.