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A reaction paper about the uniqueness and beauty of some of the worlds famous infrastructures

Places to Visit European architecture is definitely the most diverse in terms of architectural styles which were changing over the centuries. From ancient Roman architecture to modern and futuristic-looking buildings, all those works are definitely worth of admiration.

For our list, we have selected top 15 most interesting buildings which comprise both old and modern pieces of architecture which include museums, churches and residential buildings.

62 of the World's Most Beautiful Libraries

The museum is part of the Guggenheim Foundation which aims to promote the understanding of modern and contemporary art. In 1997, when the museum was constructed, it was the largest museum of all the Guggenheim projects. However, another Guggenheim Museum is currently under construction in Abu Dhabi and it will be two times larger than the one in Bilbao. The thing is that everything in this house is put upside down — tables, chairs, even the bed and toilet.

People who visit it usually get confused and dizzy because it is such a strange experience, but the fun is guaranteed some even claim it makes you feel drunk! But why is this building so special? First of all, its facade is covered completely in glass while the interior is covered with 11 000m2 of artwork done by Arno Coenen.

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The artwork consists of vivid juncture of flora and fauna and it was done via 3D digital technology and it was among the first buildings to use 3D techniques. It represents a man-made mountain with numerous irregular shaped windows that look like a hole in the cave and balconies, each of which has a unique iron fence. The most interesting part of the house is by far the rooftop. The cathedral actually consists of eight smaller chappells gathered around the main one, dedicated to St.

The style of the church belongs to expressionist architecture style. Visitors are also free to take lift up to the top of the church to have the panoramic view of Reykjavik.

Five of them can be visited and you can check out their permanent exhibitions while the top sphere has a restaurant where you can have dinner with the most spectacular view! Situated in Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via commune close to the border with Spainthe Odeillo furnace is in total 54 metres high and 48 metres wide.

Why Odeillo — you ask yourselves? The reason to this is because Odeillo has the largest amount of sunshine over the year more than 2500 hours per year and thanks to high altitude 1,312—2,212 mthe air is mostly clear and humidity is low.

  • In the late 1990s, the building underwent a massive renovation in order to provide better protection for the books and to make the library more user friendly with better wiring and some new electronic work stations;
  • Since the collection expanded quite quickly, addition after addition had to be added;
  • The addition is just about as modern as can be, with glass and wood paneling throughout the building, and the 6-story, 293,000 square foot tower provides even more space for books and reading rooms.

The specific U-shape of the building is characterized by unique multi colored facade and lack of straight lines. Interestingly, not one out of 1000 windows is the same and the handles on the doors are also different. The inner wall corners are also rounded to match the outer ones.

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The building has 105 apartments, a garage and a playground for children with tiny artificial lake. Despite its irregular shape, the highest point of the building goes up to the 12th floor. Although initially the building supposed to be oriented towards culture and art, it eventually became business building with offices and a French restaurant on the last floor.

The windows have convex frames similar to those of paintings because the intention of the designer was to make them have a 3D effect. These innovative houses are located near the Blaak Subway Station in Rotterdam and there are actually people living inside these cubes.

The library is 72 metres high and it is one of the best equipped libraries in Europe and it even has its own electronic resources. Besides being a multimedia library, it is also a popular tourist attraction since the visitors are able to climb up to the viewing platform and get a spectacular view of Minsk. Very often the area in front of the library serves as exhibition and concert venue.

Standing almost 550 metres above the sea level, on Mount Tibidabo, this magnificent church gives an unforgettable panoramic view of Catalan capital.