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A summary of the novel the mill on the floss by george eliot

Owned by the ambitious Mr. Tulliver, the mill provides a good living for the Tulliver family, but Mr.

Tulliver dreams of the day when his son Tom will achieve a higher station in life.

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Mill On The Floss

Aunt Glegg is the richest of the sisters and holds a note on his property. Tulliver determines to borrow the money and repay her. He is resolved to be fair in all of his dealings and to deliver punishment to whomever deserves it.

  • I also think it was a beautiful end, and the text on the gravestone was very beautiful;
  • But her brother, who is not so smart as Maggie, is sent to school and that makes her jealous and she searches for someone who understand her frustration and finds Philip;
  • Other than Philip, who loves Maggie and always sensed her feelings dead-sharp, Lucy does not notice what is enacted between Stephen and her niece;
  • His opponent is represented by the lawyer Wakem, who wins the case for him;
  • She becomes friends with him and they are attracted towards each other;
  • She knew better than anybody how much critics a woman writer with progressive ideas and an unconventional lifestyle in the Victorian society could get.

His sister Maggie grows up with an imagination that surpasses her understanding. Her aunts predict she will come to a bad end because she is tomboyish, dark-skinned, dreamy, and indifferent to their commands. Frightened by her lack of success in attempting to please her brother Tom, her cousin Lucy, and her mother and aunts, Maggie runs away, determined to live with the gypsies, but she is glad enough to return.

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Her father scolds her mother and Tom for abusing her. Her mother is sure Maggie will come to a bad end because of the way Mr. Stelling is convinced that Tom is not just obstinate but stupid. Philip is disabled; Tom, therefore, cannot beat him up. Philip can draw, and he knows Latin and Greek.

The Mill on the Floss Summary

After they overcome their initial reserve, the two boys become useful to each other. When Maggie visits Tom, she meets Philip, and the two become close friends. After Maggie is sent away to school with her cousin, Lucy, Mr. Tulliver becomes involved in a lawsuit. Wakem defends the opposition, Mr.

  1. There were times I thought I would never finish this book, because it was quite boring and tedious. Lucy and Stephen, Maggie and Philip make plans for a boat trip on the river.
  2. The novels of George Eliot, who belong to the civil realism, that grew fast in the 19th century, have a strong philosophic character. On the way, they crash into a branch and they drown together.
  3. In the beginning of the story she is a little girl, but during this book she is growing up, with all the difficulties of growing up. Their father loses a lawsuit to a neighbor who has a crippled, but pleasant son.

Tulliver says his children should have as little as possible to do with Philip. Tulliver loses his suit and stands to lose all of his property as well.

  1. In this development plays her intense relationship with her brother Tom an important role.
  2. The novel belongs to the civil realism. Story The story is told by a storyteller and most of the times through the eyes of Maggie Tulliver.
  3. The brother's name is Tom whose younger sister is named Maggie. But, like I have told before, this love was impossible.

To pay off Aunt Glegg, he borrowed money on his household furnishings. Now he hopes Aunt Pullet will lend him the money to pay the debt against which those furnishings stand forfeit. He can no longer afford to keep Maggie and Tom in school. When he learns that Mr.

The Mill On The Floss Book Summary and Study Guide

Wakem had bought up his debts, the discovery brings on a stroke. Tom makes Maggie promise never to speak to Philip Wakem again.

  • Tom is a robust, not very intelligent boy;
  • Tom remains true to his father, who he promised that he get revenge at Wakem, and does everything to separate Philip and Maggie.

Tulliver weeps because her household possessions are to be put up for sale at auction. In the ruin that follows, Tom and Maggie reject the scornful offers of help from their aunts. The entire section is 1,396 words.