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Is advertising in local papers worth it

It is the move from local monopolies to a global platform where competition is everywhere, and advertising less lucrative. So here I present ten ways ad sales people and their managers can save their jobs.

What Are the Benefits of Local Newspaper Advertising?

Stop treating web ads as second class The first and most important change is a structural one. While management enthuse about a digital future, the bottom line for most ad sales people is this: When it comes to earning your wage and your bonus, web ads are simply not the priority.

If newspapers are serious about a multiplatform future, they need to look at ways to change incentive structures to better reward web ad sales. Stop selling adverts on static pages Most advertising on news websites still tends to take the shape of banners, sold against particular sections.

This is the ad equivalent of shovelware or brochureware. But the web is not a brochure: So why not drop the print mindset, and start selling against some of the following: How about a slot next to breaking news?

Obviously you would put provisions into place to prevent embarrassing juxtapositions.

  • What happens if there is a sudden change in your industry and you need to advertise more heavily?
  • Let me define each one;
  • If I get a lot of coupons from one paper, what does that tell me?
  • Classified ads may jump to 9 columns per page;
  • It is actually approximately 12 square inches;
  • Paste your ad over an existing ad of the same size.

As soon as someone searches for a particular term, that advert is served up to them. Then, why not turn the usual process on its head and sell the print ad as an add-on? Even when people spend money on search marketing, they often back it up with print ads, and the stats on user behaviour suggest they should do more: Give ad sales people access to the internet Incredibly, many ad sales people are not allowed access to the internet at work.

What happens when a client calls to ask about their online ad? Do they have to put them on hold while they find a computer?

  1. For instance, a photo of your building taken in shadow may have great detail in the photo but may look like a big black box when reproduced in the paper.
  2. So, if you decide to use the newspaper to get your message out, it's very important that the advertising decision you make returns the results you desire at a cost you can afford. Eighty percent of your ad dollar will not reach your market.
  3. They're not trying to be deceptive, they have been stuck with these measurements for centuries. You can lock in the price for the entire year with both options if you commit to a year of frequency.
  4. Most of all small town newspapers depend more on local ads for their very existence than large city newspapers.

What happens when a client uses a web 2. If this is your future direction, it helps if the place where most of your money comes from knows something about it… Especially when they have access to online reports which say local newspaper websites are one of the most trusted places for advertising. Enable the long tail of small businesses to advertise without you doing it for them Online advertising means that small businesses who previously were not typical print or broadcast advertisers can now afford to advertise.

In other words, there is a potential long tail of small advertisers that could prove a significant source of new revenue. Why give more money to Google? Why ask ad sales people to spend hours cold-calling for small web ads when you can cut out the middleman and focus your ad sales team on more creative work, like… 6.

Think beyond the banner: We expect interactivity from a modern news website — comments, polls, bookmarking, chat — so why do we not extend this capability to the advertising?

Here are some simple ideas: How about letting users work out their body mass index as part of an ad for a health club? How about selling that cute little widget to the health club website as well? Or showing them how to allow users to embed it on their own sites?

10 ways that ad sales people can save newspapers

How about allowing users to email an ad to a friend at a click? How about creating a branded game for the client — again, that can go on their own website too. If an ad sales person can pitch ideas like that to a client, they may be more successful. And they can charge more too. Remembering that many businesses have websites too is key here — an advert can be sold twice: Vouchers online, however, are a power in themselveswith dozens of sites dedicated to simply passing on voucher codes.

As a result, they can not only be a great way of driving business to advertisers, but also traffic through your site. One publisher took this idea further at DeliveringQC. Media General made extra efforts to train ad sales reps to sell the mobile, including arming reps with demonstrations, PowerPoint presentations and other sales collateral.

Sell advertising aimed at the non-local market Your online audience is different to your print audience: That means you have a new market for ads, and therefore new clients you can pitch to. The most obvious is to sell ads to local hotels, resorts and attractions for those people who read their old local paper and occasionally pop back for a break most obvious places: This also works the other way: Do something with multimedia… 9.

The drop in the cost of producing such video means that there is a new potential market for not only selling video ads, but selling the production of that video itself and of course production of video generally.

  1. Even though they call them column inches only part of the measurements are in inches. It looks great on paper but how will it look in the paper with other ad and stories next to it?
  2. How about allowing users to email an ad to a friend at a click? It is now an investment that makes a return just like a good stock on the stock market.
  3. For instance, a photo of your building taken in shadow may have great detail in the photo but may look like a big black box when reproduced in the paper.
  4. It may seem like an unnecessary expense when you get the bill, but a good photo can make all the difference between success and failure of your ad.

Small businesses who would otherwise not have considered video can now afford it. Newspapers are starting to build experience in video. Using their experience and services in mobile, Media General is helping businesses build mobile microsites as well as offering text messaging services, which setting up and managing SMS campaigns.

Work in networks We are in a networked era. A modern journalist should know how to team up with people outside their organisation, to connect with communities and readers… Ad sales people should build the same skills. On a basic organisational level this should obviously start with selling ads across titles, top-down — the most obvious being beer ads in football sections.

Newspaper Ads

That should be happening anyway. But it can equally work the other way — selling ads from one title across parts of the network, bottom-up.

  • It is now an investment that makes a return just like a good stock on the stock market;
  • There job is knowing how to use light and contrast to the best advantage;
  • Paste your ad over an existing ad of the same size;
  • A photo taken in bright sunlight with a lot of white may be unrecognizable;
  • I know you have seen terrible photos in newspapers;
  • First, it allows you to set a yearly advertising budget and use it as you like.

A national newspaper executive recently told me they have an advertising and revenue share agreement with a number of blogs. Sounds like a sensible idea to me.