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Reality and illusion in the great gatsby

Nostalgia has a way of ripping us from the present and throwing us down a rabbit hole of memories — things both loved and lost. In The Great Gatsby, we see Jay Gatsby lost in the comforting hushes of the past as he chases his lost love.

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This fixation on the past that he harvests teaches us a lot about how we survive in the present. Nobody really knew the real Gatsby — who he was or what he did.

The attention Gatsby collected from strangers never mattered, as the only person he sought gratification and attention from was Daisy. So, how can we take those lessons into our lives today?

Nearly every person, corporation, organization, etc. When we share our lives on the Internet we often choose to only share the best parts of it.

“The Great Gatsby”: The reality of an illusion

Someone might share a picture of the new car they bought saying how great it is to have a new ride. But maybe they spent the last of their money on a new vehicle. A woman might post a picture of herself in a new dress saying how good she feels and people might see her as superficial.

But maybe she spent most of her life hating how she looked.

Just like we look for a certain reaction out of a certain person or group of people when we post things about our life on the Internet, Gatsby put on a show to capture the attention of one woman.

People claimed to adore him, but this adoration, like the front Gatsby, put up, was inaccurate. The Great Gatsby teaches us a tremendous amount about building relationships and how to stay true to ourselves as we chase after what we want. We can carry these lessons with us into the digital age we live in and strive to match our online personas to our real-life personas.

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  1. Though Daisy may have loved him once, there was no real way for Gatsby to ever get Daisy back again.
  2. But in the end, no one really did anything to stop all the dishonesty and illusions.
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  4. Daisy implied that a girl could have more fun if her life is portrayed by beauty and illusion, which is why Daisy tries to act the part.
  5. Scott Fitzgerald presents multiple themes and characters that have an overlaying facade that they portray throughout the novel. It is because Daisy is not a fool, she saw the world for what it truly was, which is something Gatsby could never do.

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