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A proposed thesis on child catechetical program

A new year of Catholic religious education programs will soon be underway. Preparation for a new year of religious education classes is an opportunity for Parish Catechetical Leaders and Directors of Religious Education to reflect, plan and adjust before children and families return for regular catechetical programs.

Explore free printable resources that will support the start of your religious education beginning in late summer or early fall. Start a New Year of Catholic Religious Education with Prayer What better way to begin a new year of religious education than with prayer! Explore prayer resources to begin a new school year, including a printable prayer card that can be shared with all the catechists and participants in your program, and a prayer service that gathers students, families, and catechists together as programs begin.

Prayer for a New School Year As student, teacher, catechetical leader, and consultant, the start of the school year represents a time of new beginnings.

  • Lucker, 1986a, 151 As at the 1977 synod Lucker did not remain unchallenged;
  • These two are recognized today as outstanding religious education theorists in the Catholic tradition.

Possibilities lie on the horizon as we are brought into contact with various people and open ourselves to diverse experiences.

What hopes do you hold? What might you learn as the year unfolds? Place your writing in a calendar or journal where you will find it when the year ends.

It is likely to provide some interesting insights into the expectations you hold now and how they are met as the year unfolds. Share this prayer card with your children, school faculty, and with your parish catechists, too! Do the same reflection exercise with your catechists, and encourage them to write down and revisit their own insights as well.

Beginning the School Year Prayer Service As leaders, catechists, children, and families gather together again or for the very first time, planning an event that brings together all of the participants in your program will set the tone for a new year of religious education.

The Beginning the School Year Prayer Service includes a Scripture reading, traditional prayer, and the option for music and song.

It also includes a special blessing of the Religion texts that the students will learn from and be inspired by throughout the year. The Scripture reading and Prayers of the Faithful allow for the participation of readers, who can be catechists or students. At the very end of the prayer service, a fitting sign of peace is shared among all program participants.

A proposed thesis on child catechetical program

It is designed so that a catechist can use it with a single class or a leader with an entire program. You may even wish to invite the parish priest to welcome and address the participants during the prayer service. In any instance, the prayer service will place your students and your year in the presence of God.

Plan to include all program participants in this simple prayer service to set the tone for your new year of Catholic religious education.

  • Lucker, Brennan, Leach, 1995, 1-3 His call for a dialogical form of teaching in the church went forward;
  • This essay has suggested that his first point is more convincing than his second;
  • Roman Catholic devotions in mid-nineteenth century America by Ann Taves;
  • Formation and training of lay catechists.

Invite input from catechists to help you bring the prayer service to life and tailor it to your own program by adding elements unique to your parish. Ways to Prepare for a New School Year Written from the perspective of a Director of Religious Education, the 7 Ways to Prepare for a New School Year eBook offers parish catechetical leaders seven suggestions to prepare a new year of religious education. Ranging from setting vision to making time for breaks, this simple resource gives manageable preparation tips for any program leader.

  • This language has almost been taken over in the language of faith;
  • In a March, 1984 pastoral letter to his diocese on Catholic education, Lucker showed how far he had moved on the relationship between the education of children and the catechesis of adults;
  • The Living Light 26 3 , 260-269;
  • We try to explain it humanly and we can't do it.

Religious Education and the Flipped Classroom The flipped classroom approach may offer some key benefits to the families and children in your Catholic religious education program, including opportunities for intergenerational catechesis and more dedicated class time for students to explore and discuss their Catholic faith. Religious Education and the Flipped Classroom eBook is a downloadable resource designed to explain and provide help implementing a flipped classroom approach to religious education.

Social Media in Religious Education Classroom Article Discover opportunities that using social media in religious education can present for catechists and families.

The How Social Media Changed My Religious Education Classroom Support Article shares the experiences of a high school catechist and provides tips for implementation at home and in the religious education classroom. What sort of sacred spaces can you create in and around your school or parish that will foster a call to holiness among your faculty and students?

Share Inspiration with Others Resource 1: Provide Resources Help those who will be catechizing your students to understand the vision and theme for your religious education program, and prepare them to integrate it into their own classroom.

Share your own experience with them to inspire them as they begin a new school year, and be sure they have the resources that they need to get off to a good start. Sadlier Religion has numerous free resources that will enhance religious education programs. Make sure those catechizing know they can get free printable resources on Sadlier's Catechist Cafeaccess Sadlier Religion program resources via Sadlier Connectand watch On Demand webinars for inspiration! Show Appreciation Thank catechists for their commitment to your program and for their ministry.

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