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Have computers changed our lives describes some things

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Schmidt helped grow Google from a Silicon Valley start-up to a global leader in technology, and has spent decades predicting technological innovations. Here are some of his thoughts on how computer technology will continue to changes our lives.

  1. They also began to write documents specifically for online publication — that is, web pages. Below are some of the ways we have been transformed by technology.
  2. Meanwhile, in 1990, researchers at CERN, including Tim Berners-Lee , created a system for storing documents and publishing them to the internet, which they called the world wide web.
  3. A family can even watch different programs on different screens using the same pay-TV platform.

Change the way we work The fear that the job market might be destroyed due to the onset of technology is not new, but with the development of new technology, automation might happen a lot faster than before. Automation is reshaping workplaces and will in years to come bring fundamental changes to almost every industry.

7 ways computers will change our lives

Schmidt does not predict that human workers will be replaced by robots, but envisages cooperation between humans and robots in the workplace. Highly repetitive and mundane tasks will be automated, and give humans more time to focus on creative and interesting tasks.

He sees robots as a tool to increase performance and productivity, and eliminate the mind crushing, boring tasks that many workers deal with every day. Help us solve global challenges According to the Google boss it is only our own creativity and innovation that limits the possible use of computer technology.

Climate change is one area in which he envisions that technology can help, by using computers to help increase energy efficiency.

A technological revolution

He also envisions a large role of technology in healthcare by directing the resources to more accurate healthcare solutions and the use of robots in medical research. Smarter education Although computer science is already widely used in education, Schmidt envisions a new way of using computers to make education smarter.

Have computers changed our lives describes some things

Recognising that everyone learns differently, he suggests using computers to monitor the different ways students learn. This will give teachers the ability to identify the most successful teaching models and augment their teaching to make education more effective. More entrepreneurs Schmidt is convinced that we need to produce more entrepreneurs everywhere, and calls upon universities and governments all over the world to encourage entrepreneurship and new ideas.

The computer revolution: how it's changed our world over 60 years

Digitalisation of everything No one can afford not to digitise services, according to Schmidt. More benefits for more people Schmidt is a firm believer that technological innovation will ensure more benefits for more people — giving them access better products, services and information. He believes that computer technology will continue to improve the standard of living and create opportunities for everyone.

  • TV sets can be used as projector screens;
  • What has science done for you at many different levels — from the routine workings of our everyday lives to global by us climate change technology.

At the same time he questions if our addiction to technology is making us happier, pointing to the fact that 97 per cent of people sleep with their smartphones plugged in next to their bed, and touch their smartphones on average 1500 times! Machines teaching themselves The past five years have been the years of the mobile, yet according to Schmidt the next generation is machine learning — i.

Instead of programming a computer, you teach a computer to learn something and it does what you want.

  1. As networks spread, tools developed in one place could be rapidly promoted, shared and deployed elsewhere. These files can be tampered with, deleted or even stolen.
  2. Since these computers have to be kept cold they are not practical yet.
  3. Years back, a family could only watch one TV channel at a time. There is a lot of utility in the TV category nowadays.
  4. You cannot score a handwritten essay electronically.

Making the devices smarter is key, as their role in society is becoming increasingly important. He illustrated this by pointing out that smartphones are an increasingly important tool in all professions, even for nurses in the NHS.