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Why you can t influence gas prices

Leave a comment Tom on May 24 2018 said: Well we all bought big pickups and SUV over the last couple of years and now we get to pay for it.

Cheap gas was a nice ride while it lasted. Trump and the EPA could help by reducing restrictions on ethanol's use. Allowing year round sales of E-15 and higher ethanol blends would help as ethanol is currently lower priced than gasoline, even on an energy equivalent basis.

Ethanol also has an octane rating of 113, so its great for replacing the hazardous octane boosting agents like Benzene present in our gasoline. EPA has constantly shielded the gasoline market from any real competition from ethanol, so if we really want cheaper gasoline, we need to push Scott Pruitt at the EPA, to stop blocking ethanol's use in the market place. Why you can t influence gas prices Pruitt has been busy this year granting waivers to refiners to not use cheaper priced and cleaner burning ethanol.

Surprise, surprise, surprise, gasoline prices are sky high! Well see is a few days if Scott takes away the cleaner burning, higher octane, lower priced E-15 fuel choice for consumers this summer. What do you think Scott "oil man" Pruitt's gunna do?

Can't the government help with gas prices?

Patrick Treu on May 24 2018 said: It's the oil companies, Not Democrats or Republicans. Robert Earnest on May 25 2018 said: How about the fact we now export oil? Drill baby drill created more oil than America needed but rather than maintain these reserves for our use we R's and D's together repealed the export provisions regarding crude and refined oil.

We then flooded the world market with oil driving down prices.

What determines gas prices?

OPEC and other producers responded by cutting their production to force oil prices back up thus screwing everybody but the oil companies.

Steve on May 25 2018 said: Yes, gasoline prices are up, but I still don't consider them high. The typical driver has to fill up roughly once a week.

Price increase is only a problem when the prices spikes suddenly and stays high for an extended period of time.

Who’s To Blame For High Gasoline Prices?

This causes the U. This is not the case, this time.

  1. Demand is sure to overrun supply.
  2. Greg on May 25 2018 said. The proposition in the email does not change the aggregate level of demand in the marketplace, it simply shifts demand from one company to the next.
  3. There have always been costs associated with making special clean fuels the government mandates for summer, but the growth of U. Is there some price gouging going on here?
  4. Federal taxes and fees of 18. The oil and natural gas industry did not receive any unique credit or subsidy in the tax legislation.
  5. Leave a comment Tom on May 24 2018 said.

Henry Hewitt on May 25 2018 said: I thought the recent rise was due to too much 'clean' oil coming from the Bakken, Permian and Eagle Ford, which means that the refineries aren't geared up to handle so much of the good stuff. Whatever the case may be, it is better to buy a single EV than to curse the oil patch.

  • This causes the U;
  • Is there anyone from the government looking into this?
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The answer to your headline is: Debra Caron on May 25 2018 said: You can blame Obama and the oil companies for the prices increasing. We are exporting record amounts of oil and gasoline products to other countries and that means our oil is not being places back into our supply.

Every time the US shows a draw down on oil, our prices increase. In April and May the oil companies have exported record amount of oil and gas products, the highest amount exported in our history. In the Midwest our refinery output is at 99. One of the oil companies profit for the first quarter was 59 billion dollars, so who do you think is to blame for our oil prices. Tom on May 25 2018 said: Debra Caron, if you live in the Midwest, do you use ethanol blended fuel, E-10, E-15 E-30 or E-85 to reduce the price of your gasoline purchases?

Ethanol has been running up to 80 cents per gallon less than gasoline in direct cost and up to 42 cents per gallon less than gasoline on an energy equivalent basis. So there is hope if you have access to ethanol blended fuels.

While oil and gasoline prices have jumped up significantly, ethanol has basically stayed the same price. So check out ethanol blended fuels in your area and give yourself and your budget a brake! E-15 can be used in all light duty vehicles 2001 and newer. Greg on May 25 2018 said: However unless you have a new car it can't be used.

It's also been shown like the E85 gas you can easily get at the pump is actually less efficient when it comes to real mpg.

  • The single greatest factor in the price of gasoline is the price of crude;
  • Trump and the EPA could help by reducing restrictions on ethanol's use.

As others have said in this post the refiners are making huge profits on our backs along with this crazy allowance of exporting gas and crude.

We should have more control with all the oil we can get out of the ground now.