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A study on the character of jake in the sun also rises

He and Jacob Barnes are friends, though Barnes delights in needling him. Cohn seems to mean well, but he has a talent for irritating all of his acquaintances.

The Sun Also Rises Characters and Analysis

He now feels that she is his property, though she plans to marry Michael Campbell. Cohn has the temerity to join a group from Paris including Brett and Michael going to the fiesta in Pamplona, Spain.

Brett is smitten by a young bullfighter and sleeps with him. Cohn, reputedly once a middleweight boxing champion at Princeton, gives the bullfighter a pummeling. In general, he is conceited but is unsure of himself as a writer; he seems both obtuse and sensitive; and he evokes pity from his acquaintances, yet they all thoroughly dislike him.

The Sun Also Rises Characters

Jacob Jake Barnes Jacob Jake Barnes, the narrator, an American expatriate also living in Paris, where he works as a correspondent for a newspaper. In World War I, he was wounded in the groin and as a result is sexually impotent. This injury negates the love he has for Brett and her love for him. His greatest problems in life are trying to adjust himself to the nature of his injury and trying to work out some sort of personal philosophy; two of his thoughts almost solve the latter problem: Although he drinks as much as the other characters, some of whom are given to passing out, he has the happy faculty of remaining keen and alert.

Characterisation of the Narrator Jake Barnes in Hemingway

She plans to marry Michael Campbell, but she is in love with Barnes, perhaps because she knows he is unattainable, because they can never sexually consummate their love. She is a drunkard and is wildly promiscuous, as is shown by her affairs with Cohn and the young bullfighter, Pedro Romero. She seems as lost in life as Barnes, and she is an appealing woman, one whose successive affairs remind the reader of a little girl trying game after game to keep herself from being bored.

The Sun Also Rises

In the end, she is determined to settle down with Campbell, even though he is nastily talkative when drunk. In spite of her resolutions, Lady Brett seems destined to work her way through life from bed to bed. With Barnes, he fishes for trout in Spain and attends the fiesta in Pamplona.

He is pleasant when sober but very frank and blunt when drunk. Pedro Romero Pedro Romero, a young bullfighter of great promise who has an affair with Brett but who is jilted when he says he wants to marry her and when she realizes she is not good for him.

  • Some readers might think this woman is man-crazy, others might think that there are deeper reasons for her behavior;
  • Both have the desire to be with each other but they realize that they can never be lovers;
  • Navy pilot on the Italian front during World War 1, where he was badly wounded and lost his potency;
  • Reynolds, 23 Brett is often criticized as a nymphomaniac because of her promiscuity.

Count Mippipopolous Count Mippipopolous, a friend of Brett who would like always to drink champagne from magnums. He is kind to Brett and Jake in Paris.