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An in depth look at the hobbit character baggins

During a stormy night the company took shelter in a dry cave. When everybody was sleeping, Goblins appeared and took their ponies to Goblin-town. At this moment Bilbo woke up and after seeing that the ponies had disappeared, yelled. Goblins swarmed the cave and captured Bilbo and the dwarves. But thanks to Bilbo's yell, Gandalf awakened in time and avoided capture. Bilbo and the dwarves were brought before the Great Goblin. When he saw Thorin's sword, Orcrist, he was enraged and wanted to kill Thorin and his companions.

But Gandalf came in time to save them and killed the Great Goblin. While escaping, Bilbo was carried by Dori. But when a goblin attacked Dori, he dropped Bilbo. After wandering through the dark passages he came to the lake of Gollum. Gollum, desiring to eat the hobbit but not willing to face his blade, engaged in a riddle contest. If Bilbo won, according to the predetermined rules, Gollum would lead him to safety. If Gollum won, Bilbo would allow himself to be eaten.

As Bilbo saw no other way to escape, he agreed with Gollum's proposal. Gollum lost, but went back to his little island to take the ring Bilbo had picked up as it was a magic ring to turn himself invisible and kill the hobbit anyway.

But of course the ring was not there, and Gollum, enraged, suddenly guessed that Bilbo had it. He chased Bilbo, but Bilbo unwittingly used the ring and escaped his notice. Gollum led Bilbo to the eastern door of the goblin-tunnels, through which Bilbo departed in safety. Balin was very impressed that he hadn't noticed Bilbo and his reputation among the dwarves increased.

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Bilbo told Gandalf and the dwarves about his encounter with Gollum and his escape, but he said nothing of the ring. Thus he rejoined his fellow adventurers. On Gandalf's order they climbed in a group of trees. Bilbo, however, was not able to climb in one of the trees: Immediately thereafter, hundreds of Wargs arrived. Gandalf kept them at bay with pyrotechnical pinecones, but eventually goblins came and set the trees on fire.

Even Gandalf had begun to despair when the Eagles of Gwaihir came to rescue them, taking Bilbo last. The Eagles brought them first to a wide shelf of rock on the mountain-sidewhere they spent the night, [10] and then to the Carrock.

Gandalf took only Bilbo at first, but with a story introduced the dwarves in pairs of two, convincing Beorn to invite them for dinner. Bilbo slept uneasily, fearing to be killed by Beorn, while the company spent the night in Beorn's hall.

They remained in Beorn's hall, while Beorn had disappeared, for the next two days. On the third day of their stay Beorn returned and gave them mounts, bows, and stocks. He also provided them with council for their coming journey. They departed Beorn's house and traveled three days before they arrived at the edge of Mirkwood.

Bilbo alone and perhaps Gandalf noticed that a bear still followed them. At the edge of Mirkwood they returned the ponies, and Gandalf said farewell to Bilbo and the Dwarves. Bilbo was saddened by Gandalf's parting. Bilbo noted that there was a boat at the other shore. The company crossed the river in pairs. While crossing the river, Bombur fell in.

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They rescued him, but he was asleep because of the river's magic and had to be carried on a litter. Eventually, the dwarves started to give up hope and sent Bilbo to climb a tree midway through the wood. Bilbo declared he could see only trees, not realising they were at the bottom of a bowl formation. Giving up hope, the company noticed campfires of the feasting Wood-elves and, despite the warnings of Beorn and Gandalf, they left the road to contact the elves. However, whenever the company tried to contact them, they extinguished the fires, leaving a complete darkness in the forest, and disappeared suddenly.

Thrice the dwarves tried to contact the Elves but all of their attempts failed.

  • Ruth Noel, The Mythology of Middle-Earth Houghton Mifflin is a convenient summary of the characteristics of key themes, races, places, and things in Middle-earth, suggesting their relation to and origins in European mythology;
  • While escaping, Bilbo was carried by Dori.

After their third attempt Bilbo lost his companions. Bilbo woke up on time to defend himself with his little blade. He named his blade Sting after his first kill. Bilbo discovered that his companions had been captured by the spiders and stowed in their webs. Calling the spiders' names, he lured them away with his ring and came back to rescue the Dwarves.

When the spiders returned, the dwarves fought them in a long battle. Eventually, the company won with no serious injuries, but found out that Thorin was missing. Unknown to Bilbo and the other Dwarves, he had been captured by the Wood-elves whose feasts they had interrupted.

Bilbo, with his ring, escaped notice and thus capture. He followed the elves into the Elvenking's Hallswhere the dwarves refused to tell their errand to Thranduil and were locked up. One day, Galion Thranduil's butler and the head of the guard, were drunk, and Bilbo was able to steal the keys.

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He freed the Dwarves from their cells and packed them in barrels. His plan worked, with the dwarves being packed and launched into the Forest River. Poor Bilbo was forced to cling to the barrels, invisible, and grew cold and wet. Every time he tried, the barrel rolled round and ducked him under again.

It was really empty, and floated light as a cork. Though his ears were full of water, he could hear the elves still singing in the cellar above. They then went to Lake-townwhere they received a warm welcome. The Master of Lake-town invited Thorin and his companions to the feast he'd organised.

Despite the feigned hospitality of the Master of Lake-town and his people Bilbo had an awful cold and could hardly say anything during the banquet. The company stayed two weeks in Lake-town.

  1. Bilbo woke up on time to defend himself with his little blade.
  2. Although on the surface it is stronger than good, evil always provides the means of its own defeat. But Bilbo and Bard, tutored by Gandalf, the Elvenking, and their own hearts, learn the true value of treasure and hatred, and joining together against evil, they destroy it.
  3. Poor Bilbo was forced to cling to the barrels, invisible, and grew cold and wet.

They were given new ponies and provisions for many days, and an in depth look at the hobbit character baggins were brought, by boat, to the northern tip of the Long Lake. Bilbo saw smoke coming out of the front gate, which made the party assume that Smaug was still alive. They returned to their camp and at Bilbo's suggestion they started to search for the Back Door at the western slopes of the Lonely Mountain.

Eventually, the company discovered the back door. But none of them were able to open it, and Bilbo sat for days on the doorstep, thinking.

Soon the dwarves began to grumble about the hobbit, but Bilbo finally solved the riddle of the thrush knocking at the last light of Durin's Day: There on the grey stone in the grass was an enormous thrush, nearly coal black, its pale an in depth look at the hobbit character baggins breast freckled with dark spots.

It had caught a snail and was knocking it on the stone. Forgetting al danger he stood on the ledge and hailed the dwarves, shouting and waving. Olanda Fong-Surdenas - Smaug the Mighty The dwarves found that he was right, and with the key managed to open the passage. Soon Balin halted, but Bilbo went on, finding Smaug's lair and stealing a single jewelled cup before returning.

While the Dwarves passed the retrieved treasure to each other and praised Bilbo for his deed, they heard the mountain rumbling. Bilbo had done ill in this, Smaug had awoken and was raged when he missed his cup. Smaug ravaged the mountain and the dwarves were forced to hide in the tunnel, though they lost their ponies. Despite their grumbling, the dwarves had begun to rely on Bilbo's advice for their course of action, and agreed to wait. Bilbo soon decided, however, to return and try and find a weakness in Smaug.

Slipping on his ring, he approached the dragon's hoard. Nevertheless he sensed the hobbit's presence, and challenged him. Bilbo riddled with him about his own identity and flattered the dragon: I smell you and I feel your air. I hear you breathe. Help yourself again, there is plenty and to spare! I only wished to have a look at you and see if you were truly as great as tales say. I did not believe them.

Ted Nasmith - Scouring the Mountain This confrontation did not last especially long, for Bilbo tricked Smaug into showing his underside. Bilbo then saw the gap in the dragon's hard scales, an unprotected place.

Bilbo, upon seeing this, cracked a joke and hastily departed, and for this was nearly burned to death. All the same, he escaped and recovered, and told the dwarves what he had learned. This indirectly aided the company, for a thrush overheard, and this would prove beneficial in the end. Reluctantly, but at last, they gave in. Just as the door closed, Smaug ravaged the side of the mountain, blocking up the door and destroying the doorstep. However, by mentioning the word "Barrel-rider", Bilbo had led Smaug to believe that the company had been aided by the people of Laketown.