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An overview on the lady with the pet dog by chekhov and oates

The action of the story is set in Nantucket in the 1970s. Despite undoubted dissimilarities in the settings of the two stories, they both present a colourful account of the secret relationship between a womanizer and an attractive woman who are trapped in loveless marriages.

The Lady with the Pet Dog Summary

As for Dmitri, his stay with his family in Moscow makes him aware of his true love to Anna. The character notices how shallow his life without this genuine feeling was. The discovery of genuine love helps him to comprehend how worthless his previous adventures with females were.

The protagonist depicts his mistress as a beautiful, intelligent woman with a melodious voice. Joyce Carol Oates presents the theme of marital infidelity in a completely new light. Throughout the story, the protagonist remains in the state of confusion and indecisiveness. Her unstable feelings continually influence the relationship with her lover. Her emotions towards him vacillate between love and hatred. Besides, she is defined as a passive protagonist. What is more, because of the suffering and the sense of guilt their relationship entails, their love is not perceived as sinful but arouses compassion.

Even her lover is bewildered by her calmness and satisfaction. It seems that the love helped the heroine to discover her true self. To sum up, the comparison of the point of view applied in the two short stories allows the reader to understand how the change of perspective influences the story. Her inability to free herself of the awareness of sin makes the reader imagine their love as burdensome.

Finally, both protagonists experience the transformation within the story. Bibliography Primary Sources 1. My life and other stories. David Campbell, 1992, pp. David Campbell, 1992p.