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Contrast essential differences between best fit and best p

Foluso Akintunde Fapohunda Student Id: This in effect brought down the number of banks in Nigeria to 25 solid banks Gunu, The manufacturing and aviation industries have also incorporated the adoption of many principles, plans, forecast and strategy practices in the day to day trading activities.

So many authors have written different reviews and articles on Best Practice and Best Fit as strategic tools of achieving the predetermined business objectives.

What is the difference between a Grip and a Best Boy?

These objectives include corporate objectives and business or functional objectives of any form of organization operating at multinational or at national level using Human Resources Management as a tool of implementation.

This is known as best practice or high performance work practice. The external factors include the sociological, economic, political and technological factors while the internal factors include organizational structure, human, financial and physical resources all aiming at gaining competitive advantage which led to the evolution of Best Practice and Best fit model. This research will be looking at the universalistic approach known as best practice in human resources management and the application and challenges faced using this approach by United Bank for Africa UBA.

Human resources management HRM is seen as gaining competitive advantage by controlling, directing and governing organisation personnel Boxall and Purcell There are several HRM approaches in human resources management but the focus of this research will be on the best practice model also called the universalistic approach. United bank for Africa UBA as an organization takes advantages of both approaches to carry out their human resources activities.

Conversely, advocates of best fit model affirm that if human resource policies of any organization align with business strategy, high performing work practice will be achieved Armstrong However the bank has also perceived vertical integration which also aligns the business of the organization to its Human resources strategy to achieve set goals.

Releasing the Power of the Workforce. Despite all the criticisms of the best practice, some advantages have been attributed to the approach. This is a win-win scenario for the employees and the organization United bank for Africa.

It aims to provide staff with skills and knowledge needed for the work to achieve the organizational corporate and business goals Johnson Training and development can have an edge and competitive advantage as it creates an avenue for improvement and self-confidence. The more knowledgeable the staff are, the more effective and efficient their outcome or performance will be on the job.

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This will lead to high employee commitment towards getting work done. This is also a win-win situation for both United Bank for Africa and its personnel. Performance appraisal as part of a performance management is seen as a means of increasing employee commitment towards carrying dedicated works to them Performance Management This approach is also adopted by other multinational companies as a way of rewarding their employees.

Performance appraisals allow individual performance to be assessed which can serve as a production benchmark for operational performance. Messmer argued that competency, team work ability, initiative, soft skill, and ethics should be considered as factors when appraising an employee. The set of HRM practices postulated by best practice advocates are seen as a better too of communication within and United Bank for Africa, Luthans and Peterson state that for an organization going through expansion, sound communication needs to be established to ensure the organization runs smoothly.

This is another advantage associated with best practice.

According to Hadleighan effective team within an organization should be totally self-aware and self-managed and should not only be accountable for organizational tasks, but be self-regulating to ensure the team performs as one at all times. Byham and Wilson define team with the following responsibilities. These responsibilities serve as a basis for teams to function well.

Opponents of best practice such as LawlerSchuster and Zingheim ; have criticized best practice in a number of ways. This is an antagonist approach to best practice pioneered by Cappelli and Crocker who in their research observed that many successful companies find a way to differentiate themselves from others through a distinct human resources approach as a core organization competency to gain competitive advantage. The distinct human resources practice helps an organization to differentiate itself and establish matchless competencies for better image of it brands, position, products, and services.

This practice also considered organizational strategy to creating distinctive competencies in human resources management in the environment where it operates.

  • There is no advantage gained from practicing your strengths;
  • Hofstede outlines the dimensions of cultural differences to be power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism, masculinity, long-term orientation and indulgence versus restraint.

This remains one of the flaws of best practice as it lacks the consideration of organizational strategy in the set of HR practices that were identified by the proponents of best practice.

Hofstede outlines the dimensions of cultural differences to be power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism, masculinity, long-term orientation and indulgence versus restraint. Following the hofstede model, the differences in nationality culture have been identified to be another setback for best practice since an approach adopted in a country or organization may not necessarily be successful in another.

The dimension to nationalities mentioned in this approached suggested several challenges to best practice in the following ways; 3. Explains how social inequality is perceived in different cultures and why organizations should see this inequality in culture as a factor to consider while defining goals and objectives. This poses a great challenge to best practice approach as the proponents have not considered other factors which might affect the successful implementation of it in different geographical locations.

Hofstede in a research conducted in his book titled Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind, London observed IBM staffs in over 50 countries where he established cultural dimensions facing nationalities. This shows the flaws of best practice as it may affect its successful implementation in different geographical areas of the world. This examines the attitude of individuals following a particular culture. The extent to which individuals are integrated into groups and the extent of their commitment to their immediate and extended family.

The individualism dimension is not the same in all the nature of the world. This is another factor which has not be considered by best practice advocates. This also poses a big challenge to teamwork which was part of the set of HR practice established by supporters of best practice as team work might be a great challenge to individuals coming from the culture which encourages one person only cares for oneself.

Hofstede explains this as the distribution of emotional roles between genders. This is perceived as another fundamental issue for any society and another setback to best practice. For example, under the heading of selection and recruitment, favouritism might set in place as some cultures favour male to female.

This might affect getting the work done with the right personnel if emphases are laid on gender selection. This calls for the alignment or contingent relationship of business strategy to organization HRM practice Miles and Snow Advocates of this approach suggest vertical integration where control can be achieved through human resources practices and process is taken as the key contrast essential differences between best fit and best p Jackson and Schuler Marchington and Grugulis With reference to best fit viewpoint, Lawler raised the argument that most performance that are subject to pay systems reward employees for skill and knowledge development indirectly by rewarding the performance that results from the skill.

Lawler also opines that systems that reward the holders of top-level, more complex jobs also reward skill development when and if it leads to obtaining a higher-level job. However, he suggests that a more direct link is also possible. They can do this by tying rewards to skill development. The set of HR practices introduced lead to Best fit HRM strategy results in achieving high motivation and better employee competitive advantage.

The latter part of the research will post possible solutions to the identified challenges. However United Bank for Africa UBA has experienced the mentioned issued in the process of best practice implementation in her Human resources practice.

A quick response of the bank UBA to solve problem mentioned problem was the introduction of best fit human resources management approach in her HR practice. The bank also tailored her HR practices to it business strategy which lead to the success of the bank in the other of her establishment within the Africa region and other part of the world where her business are being carried out 4. The research considered strategy human resource management approach being the best practice in terms of the guidance that it offers for successful HRM.

There are difficulties in the sense that different writers from each perspective have different opinions about human resources management which led the generic process of different HRM models.

  • The Key Grip is the grand high pubah of the Grip team;
  • The set of HR practices introduced lead to Best fit HRM strategy results in achieving high motivation and better employee competitive advantage;
  • Organizational Strategy, Structure and Process;
  • The philosopher's stone, also called the Red stone, was never found over the three hundred years that alchemists pursued it.

In spite of this, there are little areas of agreement and as well as several points of disagreement which led to the limitation of best practice as it was observed by Cappelli and Crocker However United Bank for Africa has employed the benefits of best practice in the implementation of Human resources practice in her organization. In general, best practice and other models view human resources management as an important role in supporting organizational strategy and objectives.

All the approaches agree that organizational strategy is a key factor to be considered while formulating HR practices.

There is a collective view that linking HR practice policies and process to the business strategy will lead to the achievement of better personnel performance while sustaining competitive advantage. Kogan page limited Boxall P. Beginning of a new theoretical sophistication? Organizational Dybamic 24 Enz, C. Best practices in Human Resources.

Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 48 Strategic Human Resources Management. Software of the Mind, London: The practice of Human Resources Management in new Zealand: Strategy and Best Practice? Text and Cases, Hemel Hempstead: In Motivation and Leadership at Work, 6th edition, eds. McGraw Hill International Press.

Empirical analysis suggests a winning combination. Human resources bundles and manufacturing performance: Organizational logic and flexible production system in the world auto industry. Industrial and labour relation Review Marchington M. Developing effective performance reviews. Strategic Finance Miles, R. Organizational Strategy, Structure and Process. Unleashing the Power of the Workforce.

Putting people first for organisational success.

Creating self-directed work groups that improve quality, productivity and participation.