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What has prosperity ever done to me

What has the EU ever done for us? Peace, togetherness, investment, and prosperity The EU referendum is taking place today, with millions flocking to polling stations in order to register a vote for either remaining, or leaving, the EU. Here, Andrew Crines argues that the vote is an opportunity for us to examine what kind of country we want to be, and that EU membership has given us countless benefits. Sir John Major, veteran of many Euro-battles Credit: The Conservative Party has been in a mess over Europe since 1990.

The Labour Party had the first implosion over how to respond by promptly having a referendum as soon as we joined. It was an important point in laying the foundations for Conservative disunity, as Europe ended up contributing towards her demise. Talk about tax and they call you greedy. Talk about crime and they call you reactionary. With the issues unresolved, they did.

  1. They accused the board majority of mismanagement, lack of transparency, and lack of proactive leadership and due diligence. And we have it on our doorstep.
  2. Prosperity success whatever you may call it, whatever it may mean to you - we all crave these things whether it's so you can live the lifestyle you prefer, do things that if you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough show me where you spend your money and i'll tell you what they are. They spent unprecedented amounts of their own money.
  3. But what does the other side offer? The new majority fired Superintendent Tom Bishop, whose supporters insisted was doing an excellent job.

Still reeling over Europe, it was again safe for the anti-European, pro-Thatcher right of the party to begin openly attacking Europe. Firstly, the EU has constructed an environment that has facilitated more jobs and prosperity across the UK. Indeed, according to the Centre for Economic and Business Research the UK will have an extra 790,000 jobs created by 2030.

These steps are not to be sniffed at, and yet opponents of our membership of the EU spend their time arguing against them.

  1. This situation is enormously complex, deeply rooted, highly polarized and very fluid.
  2. And it's this one thing that apple, amazon, starbucks, disney, and google do and do well what is this one thing, you ask you achieve prosperity and success when you become pain relief for your customers' headaches and trust me, i [] i learned the hard way what was never taught in school you can achieve. Much more than can be explored here today.
  3. Both Barbara Myers and Annette Easton believed they were fighting for the soul of the board. Meanwhile, communities are roiled by possible closures of neighborhood schools.

But just to be sure, here are a few other things the EU have done for us. This is an impressive list of social and economic progress that makes the EU one of the most dynamic institutions in the West. And we have it on our doorstep. But what does the other side offer? Iain Duncan Smith has called the working time directive into question during an interview with the Andrew Marr Show.

Also there is the indication that leaving the EU would justify another referendum over Scottish independence.

  • This situation is enormously complex, deeply rooted, highly polarized and very fluid;
  • Individuals often disagree as to what is best for posterity;
  • In that event, the Brexiteers would lose the very thing they are claiming to try and save — the UK;
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In that event, the Brexiteers would lose the very thing they are claiming to try and save — the UK. The Union would be over, and all that would be left would be an increasingly divided England, and a Wales looking in envy at Scottish autonomy. Fundamentally, that is the position of the Brexiteers that makes least sense. This is an untried, dangerous experiment yet they seem so confident in their position as so to avoid addressing questions about real issues.

It always seems to come back to issues of Conservative Party management! So, what has the EU ever done for us? Much more than can be explored here today. But whilst the EU has brought peace, togetherness, investment, and prosperity, the Brexiteers would bring us economic decline, uncertainty over our civil rights, a disintegrating United Kingdom, and an unethical willingness to turn refugees away at the door.

Also, as Major observed, the British people are being subjected to a deceitful campaign that is designed to drag us out of the European Union and into oblivion at any price. There is a choice facing us today.

What has posterity ever done for me?

What kind of country do we want to be? I would suggest we are better off adhering to the social democratic principles of togetherness and unity, rather than resorting to the economic libertarianism of those who seek to turn back the clock far further than 1972. Please read our comments policy before posting. This blog is based on a paper delivered to the Europe and the World Centre at the University of Liverpool.